Integrative Flower Essence Therapy/Counseling

My work with clients is constitution-based and holistic, trans-generational trauma-sensitive, and meant to coax you into your full potential and vitality. You will be respectfully supported as we explore where you are at and where you want to get to in life and healing. The recipe for health includes walking your full truth, and my goal is to help you do that. Custom flower essence blends will help catalyze these positive changes, gently transforming self-sabotaging patterns into self-resourced skills. You deserve this and our community needs your skills.

I work with a variety of clients and often serve as an holistic therapist for therapists.

We may meet weekly, biweekly or monthly for continued exploration and support related to your areas of concern. I will ship your custom flower essence blends to your home (or for local pick-up). We will make adjustments to your flower essence formula as your process unfolds.

A sliding scale is available when needed, and conversely, those with resources are invited pay it forward in support of the sliding scale. Health savings accounts may also be used for payment. 

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IoPT Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy/ Family Constellations

IoPT is a somatic trauma-healing  method of self-exploration that helps you recover connection with the parts of your selfhood that you split off from when you needed to survive an emotionally overwhelming situation (trauma). Through this method, you may reconnect your innate wholeness and vitality. This deeply transformative resonant, quantum work also allows access to heal ancestral trauma that runs through all of us. It helps you leave behind deep, old survival patterns and family entanglements, opening the door to wider ranges of living. We will work with a sentence of intention that you create before or during our session to help you access and heal the parts of your psyche and body linked to your intention. A truly profound, liberating and effective method for healing after trauma. Learn more.

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Practitioner Mentoring/Supervision

When the most vital tool of your trade is your own heart and psyche, mentoring/supervision is an important container for authentic professional development.

Knowing flower essences is not enough for supporting others in their transformation. In mentoring/supervision sessions, 
you will get assistance with flower essence formulation, as well as insight and ethical guidance for your therapeutic client relationship practice. You will receive compassionate support for difficult, confusing, or triggering client sessions, and non-judgemental help with blind spots. You will grow in confidence as a practitioner. As in all types of sessions, information is kept confidential to protect yours and your clients' privacy and integrity.


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