1:1 Treatment Sessions

Integrative Flower Essence Counseling

Meeting your needs at your own pace, we welcome any concern or symptom you bring: physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, sexual, relational, and ancestralSimilar to homeopathy, flower essences safely catalyze mind-body healing processes that are supported within a confidential, positive relationshipYou will be given a custom formula to take orally between our therapeutic sessions. We'll adjust your formulas as healing occurs and your process evolves. Support is tailored to your needs and may also include diet, herbs and lifestyle coaching, meditation practice, stretching, or other forms of support. Topical formulas may be prepared for localized symptoms.

Appointments are in person or remotely via Skype/Zoom.

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We formulate for you with essences from Bach, FES and Bush Australia.


IoPT Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy/ Family Constellations

IoPT is a method of self-exploration that helps you recover your innate wholeness and happiness. It helps you leave behind deep, old survival patterns and family entanglements, opening the door to new levels of living. We will work with a sentence of intention that you create before or during our session to help you access and heal the parts of your psyche and body linked to your intention. This deeply transformative somatic work opens the door to heal ancestral and relational trauma that is so common in all of us. Learn more,

Appointments are in person or remotely via Zoom/Skype.


Daoist Jade Egg Coaching

Improve pelvic floor strength and vitality. Gain greater emotional balance, grounding and self-security. Heal trauma and recover sexual health. Through Jade Egg practices that include Daoist meditation, qi circulation, breathwork and muscle exercises, you will increase inner strength, confidence, awareness and pleasure.

Appointments are in-person or remotely via Zoom/Skype.


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