1:1 Sessions


Integrative Holistic Therapy

& Flower Essence Counseling

Meeting you where you are at, we welcome any concern or symptom you bring. This may include physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, sexual, relational and behavioral concerns. You will be supported within a compassionate, conversation-based therapeutic relationship, and receive custom flower essence formulas (mixed from Bach, FES and Bush Australia) to catalyze positive change between sessions. Therapeutic support can also include dietary and herbal suggestions, lifestyle skills, meditation practice, or exercises and stretching.

Similar to homeopathy, flower essences are odorless 'memories' or 'qi' stored in water that safely catalyze mind-body healing processes. Water-based oral formulas are most common. Creams may also be prepared for localized symptoms.

A sliding scale is available starting at 50% if you are affected by poverty, particularly racialized poverty. Health savings accounts may also be used for payment. 

Appointments are currently given via Zoom or phone. Book an Appointment


IoPT Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy/ Family Constellations

IoPT is a method of self-exploration that helps you recover your innate wholeness and happiness. This deeply transformative somatic work opens the door to heal ancestral and attachment trauma that is so common in all of us. It helps you leave behind deep, old survival patterns and family entanglements, opening the door to new levels of living. We will work with a sentence of intention that you create before or during our session to help you access and heal the parts of your psyche and body linked to your intention. A truly profound, liberating and effective method for healing from trauma. Learn more.

Appointments are currently given via Zoom. Book an Appointment


Professional Supervision

Case supervision for flower essence practitioners. Get support with cases, ask confounding questions, and receive general practitioner support. Confidential and compassionate.


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