Integrative Flower Essence Therapy/Counseling

We begin our first session with a confidential, in-depth, holistic intake, giving you space to share whatever is on your heart and mind. My goal is to meet you where you are at, and then support a safe space for going deeper. You will be accompanied in your process from a compassionate, mind-body approach. I will prepare your custom flower essence formula and ship it to your home (or local pick-up). We'll follow up somewhere between weekly and monthly to support your healing process step by step. You will be offered strategies, tools and remedies related to your areas of concern, and a safe space for deep personal exploration, with adjustments to your flower essence formula as your healing process evolves and unfolds.

A sliding scale is available. Health savings accounts may be used for payment. 

Appointments are currently given via ZoomBook an Appointment


IoPT Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy/ Family Constellations

IoPT is a method of self-exploration that helps you recover your innate wholeness and vitality. This deeply transformative somatic work opens the door to heal trauma, including the ancestral and attachments trauma that runs through all of us. It helps you leave behind deep, old survival patterns and family entanglements, opening the door to wider ranges of living. We will work with a sentence of intention that you create before or during our session to help you access and heal the parts of your psyche and body linked to your intention. A truly profound, liberating and effective method for healing after trauma. Learn more.

Appointments are currently given via Zoom. Book an Appointment


Practitioner Mentoring/Supervision

Mentoring/Supervision involves confidential 1:1 sessions to talk about your client cases and/or your work in general with flower essences as your path as a practitioner unfolds and grows.

You will receive compassionate, non-judgemental support for difficult, confusing or triggering cases. You'll get help with flower essence formulation for your clients. You'll get insight and guidance for your practice and therapeutic client relationships from an experienced practitioner/colleague/mentor.

Reduced rates for weekly supervision.