Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine - Introduction and Book

On-demand online class. NCCAOM pre-approved course # PDA-172473-1   2.5 PDA points

This class is an introduction to Pablo Noriega's groundbreaking book, Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, and is taught by translator and collaborator, Loey Colebeck.

Flower essences allow you to treat patients at a distance, give support between visits, regulate Shen, directly affect Qi, and address underlying trauma at the root of many disorders.

"In Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, Noriega deftly weaves discussion of how these two systems inform one another. He expands treatment options and broadens context." -David W. Miller, M.D., FAAP, L.Ac, Dipl OM

Class includes a copy of the book, an online video, short reading assignments, worksheet and quiz. Book ships free within the continental U.S.    60 USD    Buy now


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Covid-related Class and Formulas

On-demand online class. 1.75 hours.

Join Loey and a few of her students as they discuss two deeply holistic flower essence formulas related to Covid times. In this dynamic discussion, we talk about flower essences related to psychoneuroimmunology (how our psyche and immunity are related) as well as Chinese Medicine and the Lung (emotions and virtues related to the Lung such as loneliness, purity, sadness...). 1 oz bottles of the formulas are also available for purchase.


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1.75-hour class video recording. Make sure to write your email address in the note section to receive the class link. Sliding scale available. Buy Now.



Calm + Resilient

Based on psychoneuroimmunology, this formula helps stabilize basic nervous system and immune system functions to improve emotional and physical resiliency. 1 oz bottle.

Lung Cleansing and Strengthening

Based on Classical Chinese Medicine, this formula is meant to fortify the Lung for lightness of spirit, less loneliness, and easier breathing. 1 oz bottle

These formulas are intended to catalyze mind-body balance. They come in a water + brandy base. A non-alcoholic option is available. The FDA has not evaluated these statements. Please contact me to sign my Client Bill of Rights and purchase the formulas. $40 for both, plus $5 USPS first class shipping in the U.S., or free local pick-up.

50% off or pay-what-you-can if you are affected by poverty, particularly racialized poverty.


1:1 Sessions