Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine - Introduction and Book

Pre-recorded online class, includes copy of the book.

(Also available for CEUs (NCCAOM 2.5 PDA points) through A New Possibility.)

This class is an introduction to Pablo Noriega's groundbreaking book, Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, and is taught by translator and collaborator, Loey Colebeck. You will be given behind-the-scenes insight into some of the culture and rich collaborative knowledge informing the book, an introduction to flower essence history, some key information about trauma, and a guided journey of the book's premise and content.

Flower essences allow Chinese Medicine practitioners to treat patients at a distance, give support between visits, regulate Shen, directly affect Qi, directly affect tissues, promote the development of the Visceral Spirits' virtues, bring balance to constitution, and address underlying trauma at the root of many disorders.

For Flower Essence practitioners and self-development explorers, this book provides a full primer on Chinese Medicine, with flower essence examples woven throughout, in a way that is deeply useful both in clinical Flower Essence Therapy and in self-development processes.

"In Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, Noriega deftly weaves discussion of how these two systems inform one another. He expands treatment options and broadens context." -David W. Miller, M.D., FAAP, L.Ac, Dipl OM

Class includes a copy of the book, an online video, short reading assignments and worksheet. Book ships free within the continental U.S.    60 USD    


Trauma-informed Flower Essence Blending

Available soon as a pre-recorded class...

We all have "trauma". We all carry some amount of frozen stress response, a.k.a. trauma feelings, in our bodies.

This class is for everyone interested in their own healing and/or gaining a deeper lens and tools for assisting their clients in healing. A basic foundation about flower essences will also be provided for any flower essence beginners in attendance.

Trauma, by definition, is an unbearable reality: stress responses that overwhelm the organism’s capacity to do anything but dissociate (deny the emotional reality of the situation). Stress responses that get locked away and frozen in the body/psyche, causing ourselves and our clients to linger in survival strategies and coping mechanisms, sometimes for a lifetime or more, passing them down through generations.

How, as practitioners and consumers, can we see hidden trauma and support our clients and ourselves with personalized flower essence formulas? How can we regain access to our full vitality?

This class will provide a structured understanding of how trauma happens and how it might be repaired as well as an understanding of how a flower essence formula might be structured. This workshop is dedicated to exploring together in greater depth the material presented at The Flower Essence Conference 2022. We will discuss approaches to formulation and specific flower essence categories and essences useful in trauma healing processes.

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