Free yourself from stories past.

Identity Constellations (IoPT, Identity-oriented Psychotraumatology) are a method of exploration and healing of survival patterns that are based in overwhelming inherited and personal events. Survival strategies developed very early in life that are repeated into adulthood prevent the experience of a full, free, healthy life. These chronic and sometimes unconscious emotional states can trigger hormonal responses in the body, leading to illness.

Too early for intellectual memory and entangled with the emotions of the women who carried us, these chronic emotions and belief patterns can contribute to ongoing traumatic experiences, unsatisfying and entangled relationships, and health problems in the present day.

"Unresolved traumas from our family history spill into successive generations, bleeding into our emotions, reactions, and choices in ways we never think to question. We assume these experiences originate with us. With their true source out of sight, we're often unable to differentiate what is ours from what is not." -Mark Wolynn

Identity Constellations, IoPT, empowers us to regain inherent health, vitality and joy. Using our sentence of intention, subconscious internal states are made visible in an embodied way for exploration and integration, leading to greater coherency, vitality, health, joy and peace.

This work combines beautifully with Flower Essence Therapy for ongoing support.

Developed by Franz Ruppert, IoPT grew out of the Family Constellations method developed by Bert Hellinger in Germany. Loey has worked with various facilitators of Family Constellations in Spain, and trained in IoPT with Jamie Kirdain, student of both Ruppert and Hellinger.

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"I didn't quite know what to expect when I signed up for my family constellation session. I knew I had work to do, but wasn't sure where to start... I instantly felt comfortable in Loey's presence, there was no wrong way to navigate through the constellation. She facilitated in a gentle way, with keen observations which lead me to some deep truths. Thanks to this work, I feel lighter and more sure of my life path. I'm so grateful to have worked with Loey! I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to do the work toward healing, and cleaning up their own path." --K.S.

"Constellation work is a very intense experience that needs a very special facilitator to help a client work through whatever is blocking them. Loey is that person. She is warm, compassionate, unbiased and makes her clients feel safe. Deep gratitude for having such a gifted practitioner with such depth and experience right here in our very own Minneapolis community. A gem to the alternative health community." --K.P.

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