Loyola (Loey) Colebeck provides a gentle, trauma-informed and Daoist approach to therapy, to support your healing process in an organic, humanist way. She has worked with clients to successfully treat mental, emotional and existential states (which affect the body) such as: grief and loss, anxiety and depression, identity shifts and major life transitions, trauma, self-esteem, schizophrenia, insomnia and focus, family issues, sensitivity, and issues surrounding sexuality. Likewise, Loey has helped clients with a broad range of physical conditions and symptoms through natural and holistic methods.

Loey is professionally accredited through SEDIBAC (Catalonia Society for the Study and Diffusion of Dr. Bach's Therapy) #402, and is the English translator of Pablo Noriega's book, Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine (Inner Traditions, 2016). Loey is an approved PDA provider for NCCAOM, and lectured at the IV and VI SEDIBAC/SEFLOR conferences in Barcelona, Spain. She has also lectured at universities and for professional groups in the Twin Cities, as well as taught community classes.

Loey studied clinical flower essence therapy and related coursework in Barcelona, at ISMET (Superior Institute of Traditional Medicine), Anthemon Institute, SEDIBAC, and Aula Bach. Loey trained in Family Constellations and IoPT in Spain and the U.S.. She has a long-standing jade egg practice, enriched by qigong master Kim Sierra Robinson of The Jade Door. Loey is an ordained minister of the Homeopathy Congress, is certified in Reiki, and received her Bachelor's degree in Spanish and fine art from the University of Wisconsin in 1996.

Loey's life-long passion and training in dance informed workshops she provided to women during nine years in Spain, working through topics related to sensuality, sexuality, trauma, loss, maternity, and feminine identity. She provided indoor and outdoor sessions on the forested grounds of her home, and collaborated with various groups around Spain, helping hundreds of women open the door to their own deep well of embodied wisdom. The "Spanish mountain years" was a period of deep enrichment, research and growth for which she is eternally grateful.

"Loey is deeply intuitive, knowledgeable and powerful. My go-to
woman for flower essences. The healing space she holds allows me
to drop deep into myself and allow the natural unfolding to flower.
I'm so grateful that she lives here in the Cities!"
-Nicole N.

"Loey has an innate capacity to perceive the deepest of human pain
and not avert her compassionate gaze. Using her gentle intuition
and a keen intelligence, she fearlessly yet compassionately guides
her clients toward their highest potential. What a gift she is
to those who know her."
-Jennifer Rose Holterhaus, homeopath

"I found the time I had with Loey extremely enlightening because
while I knew I was having allergy issues, emotional/grief issues,
and some digestive issues, I never put them together. My health was
a puzzle, and our work helped me put together the pieces."

"I didn't quite know what to expect when I signed up for my
family constellation session. I knew I had work to do, but wasn't
sure where to start... I instantly felt comfortable in Loey's presence,
there was no wrong way to navigate through the constellation. She
facilitated in a gentle way, with keen observations which lead me to
some deep truths. Thanks to this work, I feel lighter and more sure
of my life path. I'm so grateful to have worked with Loey! I would
highly recommend her for anyone looking to do the work toward
healing, and cleaning up their own path."

"[The material] was very organized. You are a good and skillful
teacher. Thank you."
-Megan, BFA, LMT

"Constellation work is an intense experience that needs a very
special facilitator to help a client work through whatever is
blocking them. Loey is that person. She is warm, compassionate,
unbiased and makes her clients feel safe. If you have never done
constellation work it is an extremely moving experience and I am
very grateful that I found Loey to help me through my journey.
Deep gratitude and thankfulness for having such a gifted
practitioner with such depth and experience right here in our very
own Minneapolis community. A gem to the alternative health

"In my journey with treating genital herpes symptoms and the
emotional fallout of such a stigmatized and misunderstood STI,
I've tried nearly every treatment I could find. In working with Loey
and flower essences, I have decreased the frequency of outbreaks
[...] Loey crafted a flower essence salve to put on the sores. The
first chance I had to use it, I felt immediate relief, forgot my
discomfort and healed up in less than 2 days! I hardly noticed the
sores thanks to the unique cream that Loey developed for me. I'll
continue using it in conjunction with our therapy sessions and
flower essences. I feel so grateful for what I've learned and how
much I've changed since working with Loey!"

"For the past 20 years or so I've been dealing with the fallout of
what can only be described as sexual trauma. Because of when and
how it happened, I did not realize it was trauma. Nor have I been
able to develop an awareness of how this trauma has influenced my
life, other than its physical manifestations: dissociation while
having sexual intercourse, inability to develop meaningful intimate
relationships, inability to hold down long-term employment, a
constant need to move, and other symptoms I am only just now
becoming aware of [...]
In working with Loey, I have been able to gain freedom from the
compulsive energy that was driving so much of my life. She's been
able to work with me and listen to what was happening behind my
narrative. She has also been able to use a keen eye to pick up
on patterns that I was unable to see myself. Her treatment has
allowed me to see how much anger and anxiety I have in my life as
a result of the trauma and the events subsequent to the trauma. It's
as though I can increasingly see the anxious energy and anger
coursing through my life. And I know that when I am able to see
beyond the anger and anxiety, I will be able to deal with the core
issues surrounding the trauma. None of the above loving insight
would be available to me had it not been for Loey's flower essence
prescriptions [sic]. I am deeply grateful to them and the practitioners of
this healing tradition."

"More than a week has passed and the immediate benefits of our
Intention/Constellation session are still very present. Thanks again!
You are an excellent professional. I admire the way you facilitated
the transformation that happened inside me."

"I've noticed major breakthroughs after my session with you, just
over a week ago. Your work is transformative in a powerful, yet
gentle way. Thank you so much for addressing all the intricacies of
my healing process; I now have a more clear vision of how to move

"I recently visited Loey at Adagio clinic, which is a lovely, calming 
space, and I found myself happy to be there. Loey mixed two
formulas for me: one for my cat, who has been using the floor as
her litter box, and a second for me in preparation for surgery.
I'm delighted to say that Edith, my cat, has only had one misplaced
poo since she started her treatment, which is a huge improvement!
And I managed the stress of two surgeries in one week with much
greater balance than I believe I would have without the formula
Loey mixed for me. I left the clinic feeling balanced and nurtured.
Thank you, Loey!"

"I wanted to follow up and say thank you again for all the energy
you put into teaching such an interesting class today! The morning
really offered me so much insight and clarity into my own soul's
purpose and a few key remedies I now see are great choices to
support me! I thought you did such a good job teaching some very
complex material and I could tell that you come from a place of
great integrity and knowledge. I feel fortunate to have learned so
much from you this morning and I look forward to upcoming

"Dear Loey, Thank you for your enlightening presentation on using
Flower Essence and engaging in Flower Essence Therapy. I think
all of our eyes were opened to a additional way of looking at
healing the body and our sexuality not only by ourselves but by
working with a therapist and movement. [...]"