Loyola (Loey) is a richly trained, multi-faceted practitioner using relationship and flower essences as her main hands-on medicine.

Loey believes that the mind-body is an integrated system within larger social and natural systems. When in full and harmonious alignment, we experience health and joy. Patterns of imbalance can develop out of the need to survive and can become illness. Loey will engage with you in a gentle and easy way to help you find more fullness and joy on your life path and in your relationships, and health in your tissues and organ systems.

Loey's special gift is accompanying deep healing processes to shift patterns that are rooted in personal and/or ancestral trauma as well as bringing balance to personal constitution.

Loey has helped clients to transform mental, emotional and existential states (which affect the body and are affected by the body) such as: anxiety and depression, grief and loss, life transitions, relationship and family issues, identity and gender shifts, mental illness diagnoses, sensory processing sensitivity, adoptees, self-esteem, issues surrounding sexuality. Likewise, Loey has helped clients with a broad range of physical symptoms including skin conditions, circulatory issues, chronic inflammation, fertility, gynecology, exhaustion, incontinence, and many others.

Background and training:

As an artist and dancer who has also experienced immigration, Loey loves working with creators and people from around the world. She works well with clients who are themselves therapists and providers, and enjoys supervising flower essence practitioners and training practitioners through group process.

Loey has been professionally accredited through SEDIBAC (Catalonia Society for the Study and Diffusion of Dr. Bach's Therapy), and is the English translator of Pablo Noriega's book, Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine (Inner Traditions, 2016). Loey is a NCCAOM PDA provider #172473, course contributor at A New Possibility, and lectured at the IV and VI SEDIBAC/SEFLOR conferences in Barcelona, Spain, and at universities and for professional and community groups in the Twin Cities since 2011.

Loey studied Clinical Integrative Flower Essence Therapy, Taoist medicine, Family Constellations, and related coursework at various institutes in Barcelona from 2009-2013 (ISMET, SEDIBAC, Aula Bach, and Institut Anthemon), and in the U.S. since 2014. She trained in IOPT (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy) with Jamie Kirdain, student of Bert Hellinger and Franz Ruppert. She also has trained in Five Spirit medicine with Lorie Eve Dechar. Loey is a jade egg qigong practitioner with studies through Sierra Robinson of The Jade Door, and holds a certificate in Usui Reiki. She has studied herbal medicine in San Francisco CA with Adam Seller, student of Michael Moore, and earned her Bachelor's degree in Spanish and fine art from the University of Wisconsin in 1996.

Loey believes that each of us has a divine mission, a "Heavenly Mandate" or soul-calling, and that when we discover and follow our unique path, we become artists of our own lives. Our vitality is aligned with our spirit to create more energy, health, joy and wellbeing.

Loey's life-long practice in movement and dance informed playful embodiment workshops that she provided to women, addressing issues related to sensuality and sexuality, trauma, joy, loss and creativity. She collaborated with various groups around Spain during nine years, helping hundreds of women open the door to their own deep well of embodied wisdom.

Video of an info session for a past class: "Trauma-Informed Flower Essence Blending"


"Loey has an innate capacity to perceive the deepest of human pain and not avert her compassionate gaze. Using her gentle intuition and a keen intelligence, she fearlessly yet compassionately guides her clients toward their highest potential. What a gift she is to those who know her."
-Jennifer Rose, homeopath

"For the past 20 years or so I've been dealing with the fallout of sexual trauma: dissociation, inability to develop meaningful intimate relationships, inability to hold down long-term employment, a constant need to move, and other symptoms.
In working with Loey, I have gained freedom from the compulsive energy that was driving my life. She's been able to listen to what was happening behind my narrative. She also has a keen eye to pick up on patterns that I was unable to see myself. I am deeply grateful for Loey's flower essence [blends]."
-Matt, economist

"Loey is deeply intuitive, knowledgeable and powerful. My go-to woman for flower essences. The healing space she holds allows me to drop deep into myself and allow the natural unfolding to flower."
-Nicole N., coach