Integrating Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine

What is Chinese Medicine?


Chinese Medicine is a science and an art for treating both the mind and the body, developed over thousands of years. Mapping specific relationships between organs, emotions, senses, seasons, and much more, these relationships become an holistic foundation for preventing and treating illness, and health maintenance. Chinese Medicine acknowledges the existence of  Qi ("chee") which translates to energy/vapor/breath/life force. Light Qi, like breath and thoughts, and heavy Qi, like body fluids and organs, are in constant dynamic relationship with one another (like mind and body) as symbolized in the yin/yang fish symbol. Flower essences are like a form of plant Qi and are excellent for regulating Qi in the body and mind.

What are Flower Essences/ Bach Remedies?

Flower essences are similar to homeopathy and quite different from essential oils/aromatherapy. They are odorless, water-based remedies that are usually ingested and carry the Qi of specific plants, resonating with Qi imbalances in the emotions, organs and tissues of humans and animals. They are sort of like acupuncture in a bottle. Flower essences treat both constitutional and situational conditions.

Also known as "Bach Flower Remedies", flower essences are 100% safe and compatible with any other treatment. They are effective and scientifically proven, though still of marginal use in the United States compared to advanced psychotherapeutic and medical use in Europe and Latin America.

Dr. Edward Bach was the respected British surgeon and bacteriologist who developed flower essence therapy. He was particularly interested in understanding why different people with the same disease receiving the same treatment experience different outcomes, so he developed the 38 Bach Remediesthat treat both constitutional and situational conditions.

Flower Essence Therapy has a very wide range of psychotherapeutic and medical applications and is used in some hospitals in various parts of the world. Flower Essence Therapy is effective when the therapeutic process is adhered to and remedies are properly chosen and administered (they should be taken at regular intervals over a period of time).

Dr. Bach was both a very sensitive healer and also a methodical scientist and Western medical doctor who understood the complexity of humanity. Remedy descriptions are commonly simplified for marketing purposes, making the therapy seem simplistic, when in fact it is as richly complex. Self-diagnosis and choosing the wrong remedy will have no affect, adverse or otherwise, which is why self-prescribing without training can lead to poor results. Likewise, one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf formulas that are marketed for "calm" or "abundance" do not address the individual's unique personality and state. In order to select remedies correctly and fully benefit from their truly profound healing potential, working with a well-trained professional is key.