Flower Essence Certificate Course

Live via Zoom*: 112 hours

Every other Saturday, September 2022-May 2023
*classes may be recorded


For professional development or personal exploration.

This dynamic course provides in-depth training for established clinicians, a solid foundation for beginners, and a container for self-exploration. As a small group, we explore Flower Essence Therapy through academic study, hands-on experience, and group process. Teacher, Loyola Colebeck's (NCCAOM #172473) extensive, in-depth professional training with numerous teachers and institutes in Spain, as well as rich clinical experience, provide a unique opportunity for clinically relevant training for a wide variety of practitioners, beyond what is typically available in most English-speaking countries.

Flower Essence Therapy is a deep and advanced, yet extremely safe, mind-body therapy, compatible with any other medicine or method, from oncology to psychiatry, dermatology to massage, acupuncture to meditation... Akin to homeopathy, flower essences catalyze natural healing processes in the body, emotions and mind, but without harmful side-effects or contraindications. They are odorless, water-based remedies containing plants' archetypal life-force (qi), and help regulate Shen.

Most of the clinical advances in Flower Essence Therapy have been made in Europe and South America due to its numerous practitioners, professional associations, publications and books in Spanish, and in some countries, integration into their national health care systems. But few clinically advanced, integrative, and in-depth training opportunities exist in English. You will be passed down flower essence wisdom from numerous professionals in several countries working in fields as diverse as botany, psychotherapy, Western medicine, sexuality, Chinese Medicine, animal behavior, astrology, homeopathy.... as well as Loyola's nearly 15 years of clinical experience and research. This course is a truly unique opportunity for acquiring a solid and up-to-date clinical foundation, compatible with cutting edge psychology and modern medicine, as well as traditional indigenous medicine and spiritual practices.

We will learn Dr. Bach's life and work, plant signatures, contemporary psychological portraits and companion essences, Classical Chinese Medicine aspects, Western medicine aspects, cutting-edge trauma theory and healing, topical applications, scientific studies, case studies, and more. We will thoroughly cover the Bach Remedies as well as selected remedies from FES and other systems for addressing specific aspects of Self, Family, Ancestry and Trauma. Because we also learn through group work and class partner relationships, the course grows and builds organically as you develop real, integrated wisdom through personal and professional transformation.

Course material is presented through a variety of media including video, lecture, discussion, and hands-on experience. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.


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Students reflect on their experience...

Flower Essence Certificate Classes

"I completed the Flower Essence Therapy training with Loey this past spring. I received so much from this class. I appreciated the connection to Traditional Chinese Medicine and learning about the studies that have been done to prove the effectiveness  of these remedies. I love that we were supported in going through  our own healing processes while taking the class. As as massage therapist, who has paused her practice due to  Covid-19, I am grateful to have something to offer my clients and community that doesn't require being in the same physical space. It's also a beautiful way to connect with the plants that we learn about. Loey is a great teacher! I highly recommend this training!"

-Karen Townsend, LMT

Flower Essence Certificate Classes

"I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone interested in flower essence therapy. I really LOVE this class. It has changed my life, rocked my world so to say. It is my first course in flower essence therapy. I was introduced to flower essences many years ago, but I see now how superficial my understanding was.

What I love about this class is that the information we are getting is so unique and nuanced... very complex. I feel that we are understanding flower essence on a very deep level, far beyond any book description. I also really love the Chinese Medicine perspective. Since human and health, healing and trauma are already very complex and mysterious, it makes sense that we would honor that complexity and mystery in our attempt to understand as holistically as possible each essence and how to apply them in human healing processes. It is really expanding my mind and my own understanding of transformation and healing processes."

-Yoshi Owens, RN and coach

Flower Essence Certificate Classes

"The trauma piece is very important to me and my work. You are doing an awesome job by touching on this a fair bit. You have much to offer in experience and knowledge and are respectful and professional. You maintain a safe and inviting learning environment."

-Dave W., Indigenous healer

Flower Essence Certificate Classes

"Completing Loey Colebeck's Flower Essence course has been one of the best decisions of my life. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat. This course satisfied my thirst for in-depth information about flower essences. Since the course was presented over a nine month period, there was opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Loey is a wise mentor whom I am blessed to work with."

-Rosemary Roberts, Nova Scotia, Canada

Flower Essence Certificate Classes

"The material from the books we've been working with, as well as our discussions in class, are very rich. I appreciate the fact that Loey supports and accommodates different learning styles. Our assignments have been helpful in giving us a deeper understanding of the flower essences, Chinese medicine, and how they intersect. Loey has kept the class very interesting by bringing in different types of media that help us learn about each remedy, such as music, videos, graphs, movie clips, and text from a variety of books.

I feel that Loey has attracted a very high caliber of students, and I appreciate everything that each of my classmates bring to the table. I love observing the growth that is taking place personally and professionally for myself and my colleagues as a result of the flower essences and course content."

-Liz Davison, artist and librarian

Flower Essence Certificate Classes

" Thank you, thank you, Loey. This class has not only taught me a treasure trove of knowledge on flower essences, but has catalyzed profound healing for me personally."

-Julia, herbalist, doula

"I definitely gained a deeper understanding and connection with plant based healing and greater self awareness. I feel like I've been opened to a whole new world and mindset around tools for mental/emotional/physical health integration. I also really enjoyed exploring the connections between the plant signatures and the qualities of the essences"

-Sarah, sex educator

Flower Essence Certificate Classes

"Thank you for everything. This was a wonderful experience."

-Barbara, traditional healer