Flower Essence Certificate Training


Live via Zoom: 140 hours
September 2020 - May 2021
- One weekend monthly (10 total).  See Registration Form for details -.

For professional development or personal exploration.

This dynamic course provides in-depth training for established clinicians, a solid foundation for beginners, and a container for self-exploration. As a small group, we will learn through academic study and hands-on experience. Teacher, Loyola Colebeck's professional training and experience provide a unique opportunity for clinically relevant training beyond what is typically available in flower essence courses in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Flower Essence Therapy is a rich and advanced, yet extremely safe mind-body therapy, compatible with any other medicine or method, from oncology to psychiatry, dermatology to massage, acupuncture to meditation... Akin to homeopathy, flower essences catalyze natural healing processes in the body, emotions and mind, but without harmful side-effects or contraindications. They are odorless, water-based remedies containing plants' archetypal life-force (qi), and help regulate Shen.

Most of the clinical advances in Flower Essence Therapy have been made in Spanish-speaking countries due to its popularity, numerous books, practitioners, professional associations and publications, and in some cases, integration into their national health care systems. But few clinically advanced and in-depth training opportunities exist in English. Much of the contemporary information that we will cover has not yet been translated to English. You will be passed down wisdom from numerous professionals in several countries, rural and urban, in fields from botany to psychology to Chinese Medicine and astrology, as well as Loyola's clinical experience and research. This course is a truly unique opportunity for acquiring a solid and up-to-date clinical foundation, compatible with cutting edge psychology and modern medicine, as well as spiritual or holistic practices.

We will learn Dr. Bach's life and work, plant signatures, contemporary psychological portraits and companion essences, Classical Chinese Medicine aspects, cutting-edge trauma theory and healing, topical applications, scientific studies, case studies, and more. We will thoroughly cover the Bach Remedies as well as selected remedies from FES and other systems for addressing specific aspects of Self, Family, Ancestry and Trauma.

This year's course has new, added material, and a new tuition system which includes a Reparations Fund for promoting the advancement of holistic practitioners in communities still experiencing the legacies of racialized trauma in the Americas.

Course material is presented through a variety of media including video, lecture, discussion, and hands-on experience. A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.


GIVE TO or RECEIVE FROM the Reparations Fund.

Students reflect on their experience...


" Thank you, thank you, Loey. This class has not only
 taught me a treasure trove of knowledge on flower essences, 
but has catalyzed profound healing for me personally."
-Julia, herbalist, doula

"[The material] was very organized, thank you. 
You are a good and skillful teacher."
-Megan, BFA, LMT

"I took this course to explore a new therapeutic modality 
of understanding personalities, trauma, and how to engage 
with clients in deeper healing. I also wanted a way to provide 
healing that was less physical work than giving massage. 
I loved the aha moments I had as the flowers were described, 
and felt a clearer understanding of some issue 
I'd been having in myself or with another person."
-Racheal, LMT

photo by Terra Sura Photography

"My goal was to learn flower essences in depth 
and feel confident using them with clients. Goal achieved!"
-Marina, herbalist, yoga teacher

"I feel you presented the system thoroughly and with integrity."
-Jean, psychotherapist and meditation instructor

"I definitely gained a deeper understanding and connection 
with plant based healing and greater self awareness. 
I feel like I've been opened to a whole new world 
and mindset around tools for mental/emotional/physical 
health integration. I also really enjoyed exploring the 
connections between the plant signatures and 
the qualities of the essences"
-Sarah, sex educator

"I loved this course."
-Toby, designer

"Thank you for everything. This was a wonderful experience."
-Barbara, traditional healer