Loyola (Loey) Colebeck provides holistic, integrative therapy for healing core patterns that cause illness and distress. This includes systemic constellations for unwinding epi-genetic family trauma, foods and flower essences used from a Chinese medical perspective, Taoist sexual healing, and client support with mind-body psychotherapy tools. She is professionally accredited in Spain as a Flower Essence Therapist, is a minister of the Homeopathy Congress, a conference speaker, and translated Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, by Pablo Noriega, from Spanish to English.

Loey also provides high quality training, bringing advanced, accredited integrative Flower Essence Therapy from Spain to her home State of Minnesota.

Mind is Body:
an holistic approach.

Emotional balance & Mental peace:
Anxiety, depression, anger, isolation, trauma, stress, grief, sleep, focus, mental coordination... we take a multi-dimensional approach to healing the causes of symptoms, offering support through healing processes.

Physical health:
Flower essences, diet, trauma healing, and movement all bring greater health to the body.

Existential clarity and personal growth:
Issues of purpose, identity, ancestry & origin, life changes, loss, relationships, sexuality, career path, and spirituality may be addressed.