Flower Essence Training Course

Transform your Life and the Life of your Practice

September 2018 - May 2019
every 3rd Saturday or Sunday - dates TBD

This exciting new course provides a solid base of international training in the use of flower essences for home or clinic. Flower Essence Therapy (FET) is a highly advanced and scientifically proven, yet extremely simple and safe therapy, but with few clinically sound training opportunities in the United States. This course provides a foundation for future Flower Essence Therapists, an invaluable tool for integrative clinical practices, and an opportunity for self discovery.

We will cover a broad spectrum of FET in this course including Dr. Bach's life and work, some of Dr. Orozco's Transpersonal Patterns for topical applications and scientific studies, psychological portraits and companion essences, Chinese Medicine aspects, and more. We will thoroughly cover the Bach Remedies and will address some of the most important FES and Bush Australia essences. As most of the clinical advances are being made in the Spanish language, much of the contemporary information that we will cover has not yet been translated to English, so this course is a truly unique learning opportunity! A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.

"One need not be a follower of either Dr. Bach or Professor
Rodriguez's approach to therapy to appreciate the clinical
sensitivity and depth of insight which they bring to the study of
personality pathology. This should be a useful reference work for
both open-minded clinicians and early students in training."
- Theodore Millon

Previous year's (2017-18) course information and registration
can be viewed HERE


"... thank you again for all the energy you put into teaching such an interesting class today! You did such a good job teaching some very complex material and I could tell you come from a place of great integrity and knowledge. I feel fortunate to have learned so much from you this morning and look forward to upcoming classes." --J.F.