Constellations: shifting patterns and healing trauma

Workshops are provided to groups upon request. Please contact us for details.

 Identity ConstellationsConstellation work helps to unblock fundamental causes of persistent symptoms. This powerful, embodied group work provides a safe space for exploration and healing from early hidden trauma (personal and ancestral/epigenetic). This method empowers clients to access permanent healing breakthroughs in just the right amount without overtaxing the system. In the group setting there are opportunities to "represent" in other people's healing work, which is also very healing, as the human story of belonging and worthiness is ultimately universal. Individual sessions may also be requested or booked directly online.


the Jade Egg for Feminine Strength and Healing

16 February 2019, 9:30-1:00 - Sign up

Workshops are also provided to groups upon request. Please contact us for details.

The Jade Egg is a wonderful, age-old Taoist practice for strengthening the pelvic floor and energy channels to improve sexual and urinary functioning, increase sensitivity and pleasure, help prevent organ prolapse, reduce Qi loss and slow aging, promote inner feminine fortitude, and other benefits. This workshop provides an informative introduction to the use and care of the egg, and basic mind-body / energy-musculature exercises will be taught. Obsidian or Jade eggs will be made available for purchase at the time of the workshop. Participants will not need to insert their yoni egg during class to learn the basic exercises. If you are interested in organizing a workshop for your women's circle, yoga studio or wellness center, please contact us to request a date. Workshop may vary from 2-4 hours, as desired. Individual sessions may also be requested or booked directly online. Long-distance sessions are also available via Skype or Zoom and may also be booked online or requested via email.


Birth Chart and the Bach Flowers

26 January 2019, 9:00-2:00 - Sign-up

The birth chart is a unique map of the way one is hard-wired mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually…determining one’s constitution. The Bach Flowers— flower essences—catalyze processes that accelerate constitutional healing.

On a constitutional level, flower essences + birth chart knowledge help to:
• Promote emotional harmony, prevent illness, and heal chronic conditions.
• Provide a much deeper understanding of ourselves and others.
• Provide insight for flower essence formulas for clients.
• Offer a viewpoint of constitution applicable to holistic medicine.

Balance your constitution; Heal the architecture of your well-being.