Constellations/ Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT)

from survive to thrive

13 April 2019, 10-6. Contact to request information.

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 Identity ConstellationsIdentity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy (IoPT) is a type of constellation work which grew out of Family Constellations. This powerful, embodied group work provides a space for exploration and healing from early hidden trauma (personal and ancestral/epigenetic). This method empowers clients through the use of a sentence of intention which is the safe container for the work. In the group setting there are opportunities to "represent" in other people's healing work, which is also very healing, as we begin to see that the human story is ultimately universal. Individual sessions may also be requested or booked directly online.


Jade Egg for Mothers' Day!

10 May 2019, 3-6 pm - Register

Workshops are also provided to groups. Organize a workshop at your home or studio. Contact

The Jade Egg is a wonderful, age-old Daoist practice for women of all ages for strengthening the pelvic floor and energy channels to improve sexual and urinary functioning, increase sensitivity and pleasure, help prevent organ prolapse, reduce Qi loss and slow aging, promote inner feminine fortitude, and other benefits. This workshop is an initiation into the practice. Participants will not need to insert their yoni egg during class to learn the basic breath, muscle and energy exercises. This class is a Mothers' Day special: purchase as a gift for a mother and take $10 off the class fee. Individual sessions may also be requested or booked online. Long-distance Zoom sessions are also available.


Flower Essence classes

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Past classes include:

"Introduction to Flower Essences"
"Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine"
"Flower Essences for Gut and Brain Health"
"Flower Essences and the Menstrual Cycle"
"Flower Essences for the Cold Season"
"The Spirit of the Fountain: Elder Flower Essence"
"Birth Chart and the Bach Flowers"