Flower Essence classes

Host a 1-4 hour class at your spa, school or event.  Contact

Past classes include:

- Sample a Flower Essence
- Introduction to Flower Essences
- Flower Essences for Gut and Brain Health
- Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine
- Birth Chart and the Bach Flowers
- Flower Essences and the Menstrual Cycle
- Fountain of Youth: Flower Essences on Your Face
- Flower Essences for the Cold Season
- The Spirit of the Fountain: Elder Flower Essence


Constellations/ IoPT - Group Workshop

 Identity ConstellationsIn the group setting there are opportunities to "represent" in other people's explorations. Both representing and personal exploration are healing: as we resonate with parts of each other, we become compassionate to the human story which is ultimately universal.

Learn more about IoPT.


Daoist Jade Egg Practice

Host a 3-4 hour workshop at your home, retreat or studio. Contact

Connect with other women in a safe space, and learn from each other's valuable experiences. The Jade Egg is a wonderful, age-old Daoist practice for women of all ages for strengthening the pelvic floor and energy channels to improve sexual and urinary functioning, increase sensitivity and pleasure, help prevent organ prolapse, reduce Qi loss and slow aging, promote inner feminine fortitude, and other benefits. You will learn the basic breath, muscle and energy exercises to launch your home practice.