Constellations/ IoPT - Group Workshop

 Identity ConstellationsIn the group setting there are opportunities to "represent" in other people's explorations. Both representing and personal exploration are healing: as we resonate with parts of each other, we become compassionate to the human story which is ultimately universal.

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Flower Essence classes

Host a 1-4 hour class at your spa, school or event.  Contact

Past classes include:

- Sample a Flower Essence
- Introduction to Flower Essences
- Flower Essences for Gut and Brain Health
- Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine
- Birth Chart and the Bach Flowers
- Flower Essences and the Menstrual Cycle
- Fountain of Youth: Flower Essences on Your Face
- Flower Essences for the Cold Season
- The Spirit of the Fountain: Elder Flower Essence


Daoist Jade Egg Practice

I no longer provide group workshops, but whole-heartedly recommend a retreat or online training with qigong teacher, Kim Sierra Robinson of The Jade Door. Or schedule a 1:1 session with me.