Providing individual client care & professional flower essence therapy training
both online and in Minneapolis.

"If the emotions are dissolved, then all your
illnesses will be cured without herbs."
-from Seven Taoist Masters, Eva Wong

Emotional balance, Mental peace, Personal growth, Physical health:
Overcome anxiety, stress, insomnia, lack of focus, and poor mental coordination. Get support to work through grief, depression, anger, isolation, PTSD and trauma. Find space for exploring current or past experiences of loss, relationships, career path, identity, ancestry and epigenetics, sexuality, family, faith, and goals.

Thoughts, emotions and behaviors impact the body's organs and tissues. Gain insight into the deeper causes of chronic states so we can bring the body to health.

Multi-faceted approach with flower essences, diet and lifestyle coaching,
Family Constellations (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy),
and Daoist healing practices

Loyola (Loey) Colebeck is dedicated to bringing clinically advanced, accredited,
integrative Bach Flower Essence Therapy from Spain back
to her home State of Minnesota, and to supporting
each client's unique goals and healing process.

Blog post, 27 March 2019:

Cherry Plum Flower Essence

Cherryplum (ceracifera) blossoming in spring. This flower essence is the release valve on the pressure cooker. It brings a metaphorical sigh of relief when there is internal pressure that may be felt as fear of: doing something out of control, losing one's mind, losing control of one's bodily functions, losing one's emotional composure.

This remedy is useful when experiencing cabin fever, parenting, psychosis, dark urges, or any loss of control of bodily functioning. I can be useful as well in spiritual emergent states.

This remedy is one of the five remedies in the Rescue Remedy formula, also called Five Flower Formula.

I took this photo in La Floresta where I lived, near Barcelona. I trained in Bach Flower Therapy there with several teachers at various institutes. Bach Flower Therapy is so advanced in that part of the world, it's a truly amazing and privileged place to study.

I'll be attending the SEDIBAC biennial Flower Essence Therapy conference again this year, in Barcelona! Some big names will be there presenting, including Julian Barnard. I particularly look forward to studying again with Josep Guarch, homeopath, humanist astrologer, and flower essence therapist with decades of deeply valuable experience. The Cherry Plum trees will no longer be in bloom in the hills by then, but the sea will be warm enough for swimming!


Loyola (Loey) Colebeck teaches a Flower Essence Therapy Training Course and classes in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and via distance learning. She provides Bach Flower Consultations and translated Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, by Pablo Noriega.