Providing individual client care & professional flower essence therapy training
both online and in Minneapolis.

"If the emotions are dissolved, then all your
illnesses will be cured without herbs."
-from Seven Taoist Masters, Eva Wong

Emotional balance, Mental peace, Personal growth, Physical health:
Overcome anxiety, stress, insomnia, lack of focus, and poor mental coordination. Get support to work through grief, depression, anger, isolation, PTSD and trauma. Find space for exploring current or past experiences of loss, relationships, career path, identity, ancestry and epigenetics, sexuality, family, faith, and goals.

Thoughts, emotions and behaviors impact the body's organs and tissues. Gain insight into the deeper causes of chronic states so we can bring the body to health.

Multi-faceted approach with flower essences, diet and lifestyle coaching,
Family Constellations (Identity-oriented Psychotrauma Therapy),
and Daoist healing practices

Loyola (Loey) Colebeck is dedicated to bringing clinically advanced, accredited,
integrative Bach Flower Essence Therapy from Spain back
to her home State of Minnesota, and to supporting
each client's unique goals and healing process.

Blog Post:

         Hello all you beautiful people...

         Springtime is HERE!! The storm windows are off, the tiles scrubbed, the bike tires inflated, the equinox celebrated. Minnesotans, WE MADE IT! For those of you elsewhere, be it known that here in deep freeze territory with record-breaking snowfall, we struggled. We made it. Spring is here and we've never been so ready.

         In the spirit of abundance and fresh starts and renewal, I am offering $20 off first appointments with new clients, and $20 to all existing or returning clients who refer a friend to book with me from now through the end of April.

         This includes Skype/Zoom appointments!

         So, how can sessions with me be valuable to you this spring?

         Springtime is the season of the Liver. The Liver loves kindness, abundance, extroversion, new growth, visions and plans. When Liver Qi is stuck, there can be impatience, frustration, tension, anger, heat and discomfort, stiff joints and tendons, menstrual discomfort, blood stagnation and varicose veins...  there can also be a heavy, cloudy feeling in the head, confusion, worry, insecurity, poor digestion...

         One possible cause of stuck Liver Qi is old trauma, because trauma implies that healthy stress responses were unexpressed and became frozen in the body. But spring is a time to thaw! Spring is a time to feel free and fluid, clear and bright.

         Personalized flower essence therapy or consultations can help you start the season fresh and energized. Flower essences help move what is stuck in the mind, body, emotions. They are an awesome, effective spring cleaning tool, and excellent for gently helping heal lingering effects of old (or recent) trauma.

         The new client offer and referral offer apply to any type of session booked: Flower Essence Therapy, Jade Egg Coaching, Constellations/IoPT. Get in touch for some extra soul renewal in the season of expansion and growth.

         Hope to see you!  -with love, Loyola

Loyola (Loey) Colebeck teaches a Flower Essence Therapy Training Course and classes in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and via distance learning. She provides Bach Flower Consultations and translated Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, by Pablo Noriega.