"If the emotions are dissolved, then all your
illnesses will be cured without herbs."
-from Seven Taoist Masters, Eva Wong

Holistic mental health and integrative wellness through individual attention, classes, and professional training.

Providing therapy and training in-person and long-distance.

A client-centered approach, working together with flower essences, Family Constellations (IoPT), and Taoist practices for deep peace and health.

Loey is dedicated to bringing advanced, accredited, clinical Flower Essence Therapy from Spain back to her home State of Minnesota, and to supporting each client's unique healing process.

Emotional balance, Mental peace, Personal growth:
Find help overcoming anxiety, stress, sleep disturbances, lack of focus, and poor mental coordination. Get support to work through grief, depression, anger, isolation, and trauma. Find space for exploring current or past experiences of loss, relationships, career path, identity, sexuality, family, faith, and goals.

Physical health:
Thoughts, emotions and behaviors impact the body's organs and tissues. Flower essences help regulate factors that result in symptoms in the body. Using symptoms as clues instead of enemies to conquer, we can see the function in the dysfunction and gain insight into the deeper causes of chronic states so we can bring the body to health.